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how to exclude files from svn exactly like we do with .gitignore

cd to your directiry where svn is checked out create a file .svnignore add there the things you want to ignore for example: *.class *.jar *.war *.ear Save the file now run this command: svn propset svn:ignore -RF .svnignore .

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how to update a single file in svn to a specific version

I got this from this link: The standard way of using merge to undo the entire check-in works great, if that’s what you want to do. Sometimes, though, all you want to do is revert a single file. There’s

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How to create a branch in svn and how to merge (in short)

How to create a branch $ svn copy \ \ -m “Creating a private branch of /calc/trunk.” Committed revision 341. How to merge: $ pwd /home/user/my-calc-branch $ svn merge ^/calc/trunk — Merging r345 through r356 into ‘.’: U

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Learning Sublime Text 3

how to install download and install Adding SVN in sublime text 3 1. click install now 2. open ST3 press ctrl+` copy paste lines from Sublime Text 3 tab and press enter 3. then to open command pallate: ctrl+shift+p on Windows and

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