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ubuntu date time calendar applet gone, invisible!

just run this: pkill -f indicator-datetime-service should fix it Advertisements

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how to export sublime text 3 installed packages from one pc to another in ubuntu

first install sublime text 3 in your new machine in ubuntu install package control first make zip of /home/youruser/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages and /home/youruser/.config/sublime-text-3/Installed Packages paste it into your new ubuntu computer installed sublime text 3 /home/yournewmachineuser/.config/sublime-text-3/ folder after unziping restart sublime text

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how to exclude files from svn exactly like we do with .gitignore

cd to your directiry where svn is checked out create a file .svnignore add there the things you want to ignore for example: *.class *.jar *.war *.ear Save the file now run this command: svn propset svn:ignore -RF .svnignore .

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SASS install and use

1. install compass and sass 2. SASS cheatsheet: to configure a folder with compass mkdir mycompass cd mycompass mkdir assets cd assets mkdir stylesheets mkdir sass mkdir images mkdir javascripts add a config.rb file with content like this: preferred_syntax

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usb tethering ubuntu server 14.04

I was trying to install ubuntu 14.04 server then at the step where I needed to install ubuntu-desktop via command line I could not connect to internet wired connection did not work, wifi does not work. I was going crazy!

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Plone: run code as admin

need this first: from zope.component.hooks import getSite from AccessControl import ClassSecurityInfo, getSecurityManager from AccessControl.SecurityManagement import newSecurityManager, setSecurityManager from AccessControl.User import UnrestrictedUser as BaseUnrestrictedUser class UnrestrictedUser(BaseUnrestrictedUser): “””Unrestricted user that still has an id. “”” def getId(self): “””Return the ID of the

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Plone add a default timezone

Inspired by: Sometime you download a datafs from a server located in USA. but you are working in European timezone. to avoid confusion add the timezoneinfo in the buildout so server and your local has the same timezone. to do

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