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ubuntu date time calendar applet gone, invisible!

just run this: pkill -f indicator-datetime-service should fix it Advertisements

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Learning ansible part 1

How to install $ sudo apt-get install software-properties-common $ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ansible/ansible $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install ansible

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jenkins gitlab integration

have all details here  

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Skype group chat not working anymore in ubuntu!

I had problem in my ubuntu 14.04 that I could not send or receive any messages if I am part of a group chat. can not start group chat, can not send message in group chat. it shows yellow icon

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SASS install and use

1. install compass and sass 2. SASS cheatsheet: to configure a folder with compass mkdir mycompass cd mycompass mkdir assets cd assets mkdir stylesheets mkdir sass mkdir images mkdir javascripts add a config.rb file with content like this: preferred_syntax

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How to create a branch in svn and how to merge (in short)

How to create a branch $ svn copy \ \ -m “Creating a private branch of /calc/trunk.” Committed revision 341. How to merge: $ pwd /home/user/my-calc-branch $ svn merge ^/calc/trunk — Merging r345 through r356 into ‘.’: U

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find out how many open connection in mysql

mysqladmin –user=root –password=mysqlpass processlist -i 1 is a great thing 🙂 shows how many mysql connection/process open in server specially in python mysql you can get errors like this: OperationalError: (1040, ‘Too many connections’) this means you have many connection

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