How to add delay in rabbitmq

inside producer class have to add delay, for example:

class MyProducer(Producer):
    # is also my routing key:"myrabbit.taskqueue")
    connection_id = "myrabbit"
    exchange = "myrabbit"
    serializer = "application/x-python-serialize"

    #adding delay code starts here
    queue = "myrabbit.taskqueue.wait" #add .wait with the task queue id

    queue_arguments = {
        "x-dead-letter-exchange": "", 
        "x-dead-letter-routing-key": "myrabbit.taskqueue", #is the task queue id defined in buildout
        "x-message-ttl": 60000,  # 60s poll for autopublish
    routing_key = "myrabbit.taskqueue.wait" #same here add .wait with buildout task queue id
    #adding delay code ends here
    auto_declare = True
    durable = True

You see inside code the bold lines should be added for rabbitmq delay You have to replace zitelab.taskqueue with your queue name

here in this example it will delay 60 second after each message is sent. you can increase ofcourse but decreasing will give error as in buildout minimum is set 60 second via this config: keepalive 60

Another way is to add this code until you get the object from uuid

from plone.uuid.interfaces import IUUID

_uuid = IUUID(self)
# Try waiting in case of transaction failed by Nazrul
_start_time = time.time()
while True:
    _obj = uuidToObject(_uuid)
    if _obj:
        # Transaction OK, so no more wait
    if 4 < int(time.time() - _start_time):
        # @Todo: currently we will wait not more than 5 seconds

Then after this code publish the message if you are doing it in producer side.

And if you are waiting in consumer side then you can use this code in consumer function


Work is fun!

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