pyExcelerator : Python exportar MySQL to Excel

Lets try to create Excel Files using python. There is a Addon for python named pyExcelerator. First you have to install it. Thats easy just go to
download pyExcelerator. Unpack it any where. Point folder from terminal as root. then
python build then type python install

Now here is a simple code to create an excel file of a table of MySQL database.
To connect with MySQL you need MySQL python its easy to install search google for installing MySQL Python.

My objective is to show you an easy code to create Excel file using python.

The code is given below:
__rev_id__ = """$Id:,v 1.2 2005/07/22 08:22:26 rvk Exp $"""
#importing is done here
from pyExcelerator import *
import sys
import MySQLdb

#get data from mysql
table_name = "tareqfolder" #change the table name to the table name from which you want to create xls
sql_select="SELECT * FROM %s"%table_name
conn1 = MySQLdb.connect(host='host_name',user='mysql_user',passwd='secret_passwd',db='database_name') #connection information(change according to your mysql server)



except MySQLdb.Error, e:

    errInsertSql = "Insert Sql ERROR!! sql is==>%s" %(sql_select)

result_set = cu_select.fetchall()

#creation of excel file starts here
wb = Workbook()
ws0 = wb.add_sheet('0')

borders = Borders()
borders.left = 1
borders.right = 1 = 1
borders.bottom = 1

borders_cell = Borders()
borders_cell.right = 1

TestNoPat = Pattern()
TestNoPat.pattern = Pattern.SOLID_PATTERN
TestNoPat.pattern_fore_colour = 0x07

Alg = Alignment()
Alg.horz = Alignment.HORZ_CENTER
Alg.vert = Alignment.VERT_CENTER

for row in result_set:

    for item in row:


if row_number==1:

    style = XFStyle()
    style.borders = borders
    style.pattern = TestNoPat
    style.alignment = Alg
    ws0.write(0,i,'', style)
    ws0.write(0,i,item, style)
    style = XFStyle()
    style.borders = borders_cell
    ws0.write(row_number,i,val, style)
    i= i+1


    style = XFStyle()
    style.borders = borders_cell
    ws0.write(row_number,i,val, style)

#xcel file created

print "SUCCESSFUL see in the directory a %s.xls is created "%table_name


Work is fun!

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4 comments on “pyExcelerator : Python exportar MySQL to Excel
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  2. viral says:

    this is realy a helpful. i want to know how to create excel file from postgres from python.

    if u can help.

    Thank you

  3. Kshitiz Gupta says:

    I was able to successfully use the above code to create an excel file. But I get a repeated error that says No more new fonts may be applied to this workbook on opening the excel file. Any hints to solve this

  4. Kshitiz Gupta says:

    Never mind. I got it working. I was creating way too many styles. The trick is to move creation of styles outside of the loop.

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