Install Plone CMS

here i am trying to explain how i have installed plone in ubuntu linux system.

First, download the tar ball from here

click on Get Plone for Linux

next, extract it any where in ur linux system

this cms installation requires

  • gcc, the GNU Compiler Collection.
  • g++, the C++ extensions for gcc.
  • GNU make, the fundamental build-control tool.
  • GNU tar. This is the version of tar on all Linux, BSD and OS X platforms, but not Solaris. Your tar utility must be able to handle long pathnames and bzip2 and gzip compression.

if u dont have these don’t wory just go to

system->Adminstration->synaptic package manager then search g++,c++ and mark the softwares then click on apply button.

Now, open a terminal window to write commands

tar zxf Plone-3.0.VERSION-UnifiedInstaller.tar.gz  this will extract the package

Then change into the newly created directory:

cd Plone-3.0.VERSION-UnifiedInstaller


If you’ve chosen to install with root privileges, either su to root or precede these commands with sudo.

ZEO Installation:

./ zeo

Stand-Alone Zope Installation:

./ standalone

Checking your installation

If your installation succeeded, try starting it by following the instructions displayed at the end (or in the “adminPassword.txt” file). Startup problems are uncommon, but do occasionally happen. The most common cause is that some other process has already claimed the 8080 port (or one or more of the 8100, 8080 and 8081 ports if you’re using ZEO). You may wish to stop or kill the competing process if it’s an old Zope/Plone installation. If not, you may reassign the ports used by your Plone installation by editing the etc/zope.conf (and etc/zeo.conf for the ZEO server) to reassign ports.

If the start is successful, test your installation by opening a web browser and navigating to http://localhost:8080. (If you’re testing on another machine, substitute your server host name for “localhost”.)

You should see a Zope welcome message. A test Plone site should be available at http://localhost:8080/Plone, and the Zope Management Interface at http://localhost:8080/manage.

If Zope appears to be running, but you cannot connect, check to see if a firewall may be in place and blocking the connection.


Work is fun!

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